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What is Adrift

Adrift is a UK based photography and video production agency, specialising in producing creative, engaging, story-driven visual content for the adventure and outdoors sector.

Born through Alice and Sam’s joint passion for the ocean and the great outdoors, Adrift has captured moments for brands across the globe. 

We believe that creative production is a specialist activity. By solely focusing on content production and storytelling, Adrift uses the power of in-house specialist knowledge to deliver agile, high-quality photography, and video production. 

With every project that we have the pleasure of being part of, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of film and photo, embracing every brief like it’s our own.


Nature is our canvas and our office. We love capturing authentic moments of people discovering the benefits of positive experiences in nature.


Who Is Reuben Mowle

I’ve lived on the Isle of Wight my whole life, and although my travels and work have taken me around the world, I have always come back to the Island with a strong sense of home. The Island is my magnet, and I am drawn to it!

I love working with the companies and brands I work with now, to bring them professional content. I’ve been privileged to work with some amazing brands and companies, but there is always room to grow. My ambition with my work is to make a real difference, tell real stories, and use imagination and creativity to bring brand exposure and revenue. What does the future hold? I’m not sure. But there is one thing I know for sure, genuinely –

Telling your Story is my Passion.

It’s been a sheer pleasure to create the Isle of Wight Stock website, my ambition is to bring the best quality work to everyone who might need it on the Island, at the best price possible. I am excited to see how our assets will grow Island business online and beoynd. 

Who Is Oliver Howells

Olive is a professional Photographer living on the Island. Specialising is creative product photography, Oliver is a mastermind for vitality and social media strategy. He has of over 12 million likes across his social profiles and fast approaching 1 million followers. 



Oliver has worked with some of the top brands in the world, but although he could live anywhere in the world, he choses his home – The Isle of Wight. 

Who Is Sam Scadgell


Sam Scadgell is a photographer based on the Isle of Wight and UK specialising in a variety of Photography based applications,

Sam Scadgell graduated from Plymouth University with a degree in Design: Photography. Since then he has established himself as a photographer based on the Isle of Wight. Originally his love of photography grew in landscape and timeless coastal studies. He then went on to do more commercial work for a variety of different clients from large commercial businesses like Wessex Group to more niche brands and interesting start-up businesses.

He is now working with an array of clients to capture unique and interesting results by applying his photography skills to different specifics of the photographic medium. Sam likes to specialise in water-based photography, Lifestyle and Sport, working alongside individuals and brands using natural light to gain beautiful meaningful images. Working with the natural environment has always been a focus. “I love being in the water and around it, each day is different. For me it’s about getting the most out of the surrounding environment using natural light and changing scenery to capture unique moments”.

Who Is Oliver Pestell

Oliver is a directer of a marketing agency called ISCA.  

“We make films driven by emotions, showcasing the values and philosophies that connect you to the heart of your customers, employees and communities.”


We’re guided by our values of sustainability, integrity and social responsibility. By working with those who share our vision, we help connect you with likeminded audiences.”

📸 Join Isle of Wight Stock: Telling the Isle of Wight Story.

Unlock a world of opportunities by becoming a contributor to Isle of Wight Stock, where your creativity meets appreciation. Here’s why you should join the community:

  1. 🌟 Generous Commission: Earn a competitive 33% commission on every sale, recognizing the value of your unique contributions to our growing library.

  2. 💰 Discounts Galore: Enjoy exclusive discounts to popular brands across the Isle of Wight. From cozy cafes to thrilling adventures, your contributor status opens doors to exciting savings.

  3. 🤝 Community Collaboration: Connect with fellow contributors and benefit from discounted access to their exceptional assets. It’s a community where creativity thrives and collaboration blooms.

  4. 🚀 Exposure and Recognition: Showcase your work to a global audience and build your portfolio. Gain exposure and recognition as a contributor, establishing yourself in the vibrant world of stock photography and videography.

Join Isle of Wight Stock today and embark on a journey where your creativity is celebrated, your contributions are valued, and your opportunities are boundless. Capture the essence of the Isle of Wight and let your vision shine! 📷🌅✨

if you feel that your work would fit our brand, head to the contributor profile and submit your assets. We look foward to seeing them! 

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